Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fresh Air Fund Looking for Summer '09 Counselors

The Fresh Air Fund is great for young children, but it can also be an opportunity for college students and other older city dwellers to not only get out of the City for the summer, but to have a fantastic time and build a resume. See below for the information to apply for summer 2009.

You love working with children, and that's probably what we like most about you. Running across the ball field, washing off the glitter glue, or swimming in the lake - with your cabin group laughing around you - you'll be in your element.

Are you going to be the counselor the children learn to paint with? The one they play soccer with? The one they want to hang out with? Or perhaps the one they read a bed-time story with? Whatever your role becomes, you'll thrive on the challenge and commit yourself to the cause.

You've got to be 18 or over by June 20th to apply, and you'll usually have completed at least one year of college by the summer. Any previous work with children should always be included on your application.

The experience you're about to apply for will be like no other, and it's going to take patience, flexibility, creativity, and a whole lot of self-motivation. But the rewards will be great... overcoming challenges, meeting new friends, playing games in the sun, jumping into the cool lake, painting face masks, hitting a home run, telling stories around a camp fire...

...and then seeing that smile brighten a child's face.

We're looking for counselors and program staff for all five of our summer camps - but places fill fast, so get your application in today.

We are now accepting applications for the 2009 season.

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