Monday, February 16, 2009

Locals With Talent: Jofolio Designs

Artistic talents make me envious. It comes second only to my envy of people who really sing well. In an effort to attempt to connect myself more closely to talented people, I offer up a neighbor with talent in excess.

Sunset resident Jose Ortiz, of Jofolio, has a fantastic website that shows his wide variety of design styles. Really, it's fun to just click around and see the various logos, sketches, and illustrations. There are about three dozen "subway sketches," maybe you'll recognize yourself in one of them.

If you click around enough, you'll find the link to have a holiday card (printed right here in Sunset Park at Peter Kruty Editions) sent to the website says, it's never too late for a holiday card! In the meantime, enjoy the examples borrowed from the website.

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