Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More SP High School Updates

This recent article updates the progress (and there is progress!) concerning the new Sunset Park High School that's set to open in the fall.

Despite a pretty grievous typo (The school is on 35th, NOT 53rd!), the article is solid. It gives a lot of credit to the community that has tried, for decades, to get this high school going.

According to the article, registration has already been a huge success. Check out the article for more detail.


Anonymous said...

yesterday, at a meeting with city officials, a Community Assistance Unit rep tried to school us (pun intended)on how bloomberg gave us the school and how grateful we should be (indeed, how grateful we MUST be) to the mayor. oh my goodness, the re-election campaign is underway. at another meeting, later in the day, we were told that the mayor, who we should all be grateful to, was putting a park slope charter school in our high school "temporarily"....there you go, he gives with one hand and takes with the other.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Is that the new Prospect Charter School? It makes sense, in a way, because it is a District 15 school, and the building is going to be more than half empty for the next year or two. Unless I've misunderstood something, the students will be applying for only 9th (and maybe 10th?) grade.

It is funny how it's the Mayor "giving" us the school. So many people have worked really hard on this huge project. If they'd known it was a gift, they could have directed their energies elsewhere. ;)