Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sunset Park Chocolate Connection

I'm sure I'm not alone in pining for a place like The Chocolate Room or like the new Nunu Chocolate and Blue Marble ice cream locations. Yes, it's a luxury. Yes, it would be encouraging a bad habit. But just walking by would be a pleasure, no?

Well, Sunset Park may not have these places (don't worry Gran Via, I do love you still!), but we do have a small corner of the chocolate market. Sort of. According to yesterday's NY Daily News, the owner of Brooklyn Fudge lives in Sunset Park. Bring it home, lady!

Also, and this is very cool, Tumbador Chocolate, headed by pastry chef Jean-Francois Bonnet (he used to be at super-high-end Daniel), makes delectable-looking chocolates right here, in Sunset Park. They don't have a store-front down on 34th Street, but they make everything by hand and it's all-natural goodness. Ordering on-line is how to get your hands on their goodies. Hurry up; V-Day is coming. (Hear that, honey?)

Tumbador has Asian inspired, African inspired, Old and New World style chocolates, and Pareve chocolates. Salted caramel sounds pretty darn good. As does the Ginger, Moroccan Mint Tea, and Rose Water. The photo is of the Pumpkin Caramel - fresh pumpkin, graham cracker crust blended in the caramel, lightly seasoned with a blend of spices. Fresh pumpkin. Yum.

So who needs a storefront of some expensive place that will taste oh-so-good but enable addiction? Better to have it made in Sunset, and get a pan de zanahoria at Gran Via while I wait for chocolate in the mail. Right?

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Brooklyn Fudge Girl said...

Fear not Sunset Parkers! Your wish is already coming true! Amy's Cookies opened their wholesale bakery at 225 34th St between 4th and 5th Ave last week, and will be opening a high end store front there very soon! We have been attempting to get down there ourselves. Until then, you can visit the main Brooklyn Fudge headquarters at Artez'n, 444 Atlantic, a few doors down from Blue Marble, on your way to NuNu.