Tuesday, March 17, 2009

42nd Street Condos - Plenty for Sale

This is the controversial building that started out as a 10-story twinkle in Johnny Chan's eye. Thanks to community action, it ended up halved at five stories; the park view of St. Michael's is safe! These are not your average condos in Sunset Park; they have Friedrich a/c covers. High class. Seven of these condos are sold or under contract, but the rest are available to you! Two bedrooms, one bath, and a balcony for just 350K or so. You can even add in a parking spot for 30K. What a bargain. It wasn't such a bargain for the neighbors on 43rd Street...several backyards sank thanks to the ruckus caused by digging up the former funeral home parking lot for the foundation.

According to the sheets posted in the windows, all 3rd, 4th, and 5th units have balconies (but no 4th floor units are listed on the sheet). 5th Floor units have extra balconies. There's also roof access for all units. With tax abatement for 25 years and low-ish common charges, what's not to love? The highest price is 468K for the 2 bed/2 bath, but that's in contract. After that, the prices drop to 388K for just over 950 square feet.

My question is: Attempting to ignore the unpleasant exterior, does the inside have anything to redeem itself? And what happened to the day care center that was supposed to be housed on the ground floor?

If you have answers, especially if you've been in to see the units, do tell!


Miss Heather said...

OOOOOOOOOH this is a real beauty! Love the anti-balconies!

Aileen Collins said...

Wow That looks awesome! A nice condo to live with. Is the place near the city?

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New Punggol Condominiums said...

The park view of St. Michael's is safe now. So its now a good property to invest for all 'green' lovers