Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ahh Spring! Buds flowering, birds twittering, chainsaws sawing...

branches cut off, originally uploaded by shooting brooklyn.

Yep. It's spring cleaning time. I've been hearing a lot of chainsawing going on, but I haven't seen the City in action yet. This tree's cuts look awfully healthy, but I'm sure it was with excellent reason that the branches were trimmed.

Don't forget, if you're doing your own pruning (you garden-havers, you), bundle it correctly to allow for the chipping and burning of the wood. We wouldn't want the Asian Long-Horned Beetle to have its way with our hardwoods.

Thanks to Shooting Brooklyn for adding this photo to the Best View in Brooklyn photo pool!


Anonymous said...

A tree pruning company was hired to prune many blocks in the neighborhood back in early winter this year. The City prunes 10 % of the trees in a neighborhood each year so by the 10th year all the trees in the neighborhood would have had their pruning. With our currently mayor the 10 year period was shorten to 7.

7 years is a long time to wait between regular pruning. An ideal situation will be preventive care/pruning be done each year. Some of the cuts that the company made are awful compare to what a citizen pruner might have done. For hired companies have a job to do to make a living and I don't blame them. A volunteer pruner on the other hand doesn't need to prune many trees within a time frame or get pay at all. It's a double edge blade, some experience pruners who prune under pressure for a living vs some novices who take time to make a "correct" good cut. (A good balanced system.)

Finally, I'm not sure if everyone is awared that there's a fine up to $15,000 for damaging or killing street trees without permit. Please report these illegal activities by calling 311.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Thank you for the great information! A well-pruned tree is much better than a fallen branch on a person. And thanks for the reminder about fines. A tree on my block was vandalized last year; I'd love to have caught the person who did it.

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