Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crack-Down I Can Believe In

According to the NY Post, and relayed by Gothamist.com, on Thursday the NYPD is going to start a crack-down on people who drive while talking on cell phones. It has been a no-no since 2001, but now it's even more naughty. (Does it include texting? No, but it should. That's even worse!) I, for one, say: "Hurrah!" But I also say: "Hmmmm. This have been prompted by safety concerns and not fundraising concerns." All's well that end's well, as Pa Ingalls used to say.

A question that perhaps someone can answer for me: Is it illegal to be on the phone at a red light? Is it a moving car, or a car that's in use and not pulled over? This is very important since I've been known to make quick "I'll be there in three minutes" calls at red lights. It's all about me, you see. ;)

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