Friday, March 13, 2009

CSAs Are All Over Brooklyn (including Sunset Park!)

The Brooklyn Eagle has an article highlighting Brooklyn's CSAs. Left off the list was the brand-spanking new Sunset Park CSA. Lucky for you, and as posted last week, I have the information about how you can get fresh vegetables for 20 weeks (or 10 weeks) this summer.

A cool detail is that the farmer with whom the Sunset Park CSA was matched actually lives in Sunset Park during the winter months. Way to support organic agriculture AND a neighbor.

From the FAQ sheet for the Sunset Park CSA, here's a little about the farmer:

We are partnered with MimoMex Farms in Goshen, New York, (formerly Rodri-Mex) run by Martin and Gaudencia Rodriguez, and we are very excited! Some of you may have already seen MimoMex and their produce at the Sunset Park Greenmarket during the summer months on 4th Ave. and 59th St. The Rodriguez family is based in Brooklyn during the off season, but once the growing season starts, they move upstate to their farm in Goshen.

The deadline for the deposit is coming up (well, not so quickly, but if you want to guarantee a share...) on April 30th; you need your deposit and your agreement form completed by April 30th to secure a share. Full payment is due by June 1st. The vegetables will begin arriving the third week in June.

For more information, email your contact information to Below is the pricing chart for all four plans. These are for vegetable shares, although fruit is a possibility sometime during the summer.

Help make the first year of the Sunset Park CSA a success!


Anonymous said...

Off-subject comment: Is there anywhere in Sunset Park to drop off compost?

Heather J. Chin said...

I don't know about dropping off compost, but Greenwood Cemetery gives away mulch and compost to residents for free. Perhaps they'll take your excess compost to add to their stash.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

I heard that the community garden on 62nd Street might want it. Good luck!