Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Need of Studio Space? Willing to Share with Sculptors and Painters?

If this is still available, it sounds like a great deal for someone who wants affordable studio space* to do some creative out-letting. See the description below. You can get in touch with Sarah at sarahjulig@gmail.com.

*This is NOT a living space!

from Sarah:

hi all-
we are looking for a studio mate for the 1st or ASAP--
if you know anyone who needs space , or need space yourself, please respond!
the info is below---
thanks so much!

The studio is located in the "industry city" part of sunset park, just a block from the 36th st station and the express N and D trains.
It has large windows, a door to the fire escape/balcony, and 12 ft ceilings.
The room has a shelf, table, and chair.
The space you will be renting is part of the larger room, but we have subdivided it into 3 smaller rooms with walls for privacy.
Your space is 11/16 ft and has some natural light from the windows.
(we are building an opaque plexiglass wall to give it more)
We are sculpters/painters..

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