Thursday, March 12, 2009

Links: The Producers, Ba Xuyen (again), and Gonzalez Challenged

1. For $25 you can see The Producers starting next weekend. Travel down to 92nd and 7th (in Bay Ridge, not Manhattan) for the Bay Ridge Community Theatre's presentation of Mel Brooks' wildly popular musical. Tickets are available here.

from The Brooklyn Eagle's article:

The Producers
will be lead by stage veterans Danny Velez as “Leo Bloom” and Tom Kane as “Max Bialystock.” Sunday was the orchestra’s third rehearsal, and its first rehearsal with the full cast. Despite what Tadross described as “hilarious” rehearsals during the early weeks, “everything is ready but the timing,” Samaha said on Friday.

2. Once again, Ba Xuyen is featured in a Banh Mi article. It's Serious Eats, and this time there is a review of specific sandwiches. If you've never tried one, this article will take you by the hand and make your mouth water. (Unless you're a vegetarian, in which case you can ask for a sandwich with just the veggies for about $2.25 - $2.75 - depending on who is working the register.)

*By the way, they call it Borough Park in the article, or at least in the site address, but 8th Avenue is Sunset Park on its west side and Borough Park on its east side. Ba Xuyen is on the west side, so there.

3. David Galarza announced a run for Gonzalez' seat in 38th District. Galarza was mentioned on BViB in regards to the anti-sex-shop rally. I've since learned that he is no longer an active member of SPAN. Read The Brooklyn Eagle article here.

from the article:

Among those there in support of Galarza, a former Community Board 7 member who helped initiate the Sunset Park Alliance of Neighborhoods (SPAN), was neighboring City Council candidate Josh Skaller, who praised Galarza’s “goals and vision.” Skaller is one of seven candidates running to replace outgoing CD-39 Councilman Bill de Blasio.

Another well-known supporter attending was John Miniaci Jr., co-owner of the popular Johnny’s Pizzeria on Fifth Avenue. “David is a sincere person we can trust who truly cares for Sunset Park,” Miniaci said.


Anonymous said...

I hope Galarza can unseat Gonzalez. Gonzalez has passed only one or two bills in almost 8 years on the council. Our streets have become sunken stretches between potholes as trucks illegally go down residential streets. She has allowed building construction to outpace our electrical infrastructure and school seats. We need a real councilmember. I would vote for one of Johnny's pizza's for council before i vote for Gonzalez again.

Anonymous said...

ughhhh... again? really? this guy has an approximately 0% chance of winning

sp_mexicano said...

i live and work in sunset park for 24 years and have never heard of mr. david galarza. he may want to do things for this community, but I don't think he has done anything so far. Gonzalez has been a friend to the neihborhood since I've been here and me and my family will vote for her.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be a stickler, but both sides of 8th avenue are in Sunset Park. Sunset Park coincides with the zip code zones and 11232 ends at 9th avenue. People confuse the precinct borders as outlining the neighborhood since the border of the 66 and 72 precincts are on 88th avenue but that wasn't the way the neighborhood was drawn up when it was created in 1964. Park Slope begins on the other side of 9th avenue.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Thanks for the information, Anonymous. The reason I said that had to do with the CB and Precinct difference (which I only realized in February due to the re-zoning issue). Prior to that, I thought it was 9th Avenue. Now I can return to my original belief. Yes, I flip-flop.