Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Sunset Hotel News

The 39th Street Days Inn is used as an example of bargain basement lodgings. At $50 a night or $1500 per month, is it the figurehead on the sinking ship of Brooklyn hotels?

from the NY Daily News article:

In Sunset Park, a hotel room now can be had for the bargain price of $50 a night, or $1,500 a month — cheaper than many rents.

“The owners, they are crying,” said an employee at Days Inn, where rooms fetched up to $199 a night just last summer. “Prices are down a lot. It’s crazy.”


Anonymous said...

I really hope things don't fall into such disarray. Sunset Park has really overcomed so many obstacles and made extraordinary strides in many areas. It would be extremely sad to see things revert back to what many residents and business owners worked hard to fix. Remember, Sunset Park went down this road before, during the recessionary times of the '70s, then hit hard by the social degradation of NYC during the '80s

mumbles said...

Notice the Daily News does not post a source. I was immediately skeptical of this and called the hotel. A man named "Patel" said there is no such thing. Rates are currently $99 a night, double the rate quoted in the newspaper. Even a search on Orbitz returns an internet rate of $89.

Basically, the Daily News is full of shit. I am getting tired of them AND the NY Post making things up and then saying the source asked to be unidentified for fear of losing something to beef up their story. Lazy.Ass.Journalism.