Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trees, Gardens Make Way for Electrical Wiring

So on Monday, on my way to the park, I noticed large areas of the garden behind the swings dug up. Actually, what I noticed first was the jackhammering coming from the garden. An unexpected type of gardening, really. There was a line of disheveled dirt starting at the garden at the 6th Avenue and 44th Street entrance all the way to the end of the swingset fencing. I didn't get a shot of it, but here's what it looked like after being cleaned up.
Picture the above scene magnified about three times. Stacks of piping were leaning against one of the gates, so I asked the men working on the piles of dirt what was being installed. Apparently, electrical wiring needs to be "re-routed" to provide more lighting in the park.

I asked if it had to be done through the garden, and the answer was YES. The man who did the most talking said that the swing-set area was actually covering one of the electrical boxes. I guess we're lucky that the entire area wasn't dug up. He added that some other workers had been looking "for years" to find another box covered up by either the concrete play areas or the promenade. I didn't quite get which one he meant. Aren't there maps as to where these connections are made?

Anyway, they jackhammered their way into the roots of the tree below. The photo is of the rock garden left behind when they were done. Are they giving a tribute to the tree, or a memorial for its sure demise?

Let's see if the lighting in the park actually does get better.

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