Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Various Tidbits: Schools, Gardens, Stop Signs

* Mayor Bloomberg showed up to Sunset Park to talk up the 42 new schools created by his administration. He didn't mention the schools he has shut down, and they are many. While smaller schools make sense in many ways, the closing of the large high schools (some for good reason, others because they've been allowed to/encouraged to fail) has also caused confusion and irritation for staff, students, and parents. Not the least of which is issues about traveling to schools farther away from home. But I digress. Here's the link to the NY Daily News article about Bloomberg's visit. Here is the section dedicated to SP's new high school:

Julie Stein-Brockway, who leads a task force that pressed for the new Sunset Park High SchoolBrooklyn, praised the "perserverance of a community and a community board." in

"This struggle for a public high school began more than 38 years ago and no one has given up," she said. "It is truly a thrill, and more important has been not only getting the physical building that we wanted so desperately, but getting a quality institution inside this building."

* The Culver Community Garden weblog has excellent renditions of what they hope will happen very soon. The rally is this Saturday at Noon.

* CB 7 has sent in its supportive missive for a stop sign on 6th Ave and 23rd Street. (from Gowanus Lounge) Let's hope it's more successful than when the same process was used to try to install stop signs on 6th Avenue at 41st and 44th Streets. You can still sign the petition for the 41st/44th signs here. It's almost a year old, and we've been working on it for two years now!

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