Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ConEd Causes 46th Street Heartache

This is not the sort of color we want to see lining the springtime streets of Sunset Park. About a week ago, I passed by this area of 46th Street, but I was on the opposite side of the street, so I didn't see the dates posted on the signs. It wasn't until I saw this on Brooklynian that the full scope of inconvenience and unattractive barricading became clear. So, I decided to take a closer look.

Taking up a full quarter of the left side of the block, and straddling a fire hydrant (you can just make it out on the center-left of the above photo), these plastic, yellow, floating grates and the rickety plastic and wood triangle things (what are they called?) have been part of this 46th Street block for over a month. Some of the signs on the barricades say that the work started and ended on February 24th, 2009. Others had an early March ending date.

The Brooklynian poster asserts that there has been "no perceptible activity there for weeks" and that calls to ConEd have been frustrating because ConEd claims that no problems show up on that block. I guess the computers need to be updated with reality.

The trenches along the left-hand side of the road are pretty deep, and the plastic grates are not attached to the road with anything other than gravity. Perhaps several calls to 311 would help this situation; apparently ConEd doesn't want to collect property with its name on it.


Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Well, yellow is the color of Spring: Forsythia, Daffodils ... and now, ConEd road grates! :-)

Anonymous said...

Call the Community Board! CB-7

That's what they are there for!!

Anonymous said...

CB7 718-854-0003

Anonymous said...

Call Antonia Yuille, she's a vice-president at con ed. i don't have her number, but call any con ed number and they will connect you. she is as phony as they come, swears she is doing all she can, but she just sells the company line. but we need to tell her that we're not fooled anymore. call her, and give her an earful.

i called the public service commission to complain about con ed and they said they have no control. i was so confused. as a public utility, we allow con ed to operate a monopoly and the psc is supposed to watch them on our behalf. but the whole system of oversight is busted. after calling Yuille, call the PSC.

If we keep complaining, sooner or later we will put a little fear into their heartless,