Friday, April 10, 2009

Friends of Sunset Park, Our Rec Center, and Young Dancers in Repertory present Celebrating Diversity through Dance

Set this date aside for a good time: April 18th, 2009.

From Noon to 4 PM the Recreation Center will be awash in cultural celebration through dance. Check out the website for the event here. So far, the roster includes dancers from the following cultures: Mexican, Puerto Rican, Polish, Irish, Greek, Lebanese, and East Indian. I'm sure some of the Asian dancers will sign on soon. It would be great if the Norwegian Folkdance Society made an appearance.

Friends of Sunset Park, The Sunset Park Recreation Center, and Young Dancers in Repertory are bringing us this free event.

The day will include tabling by various area organizations, and the website has information on how to obtain a FREE area for tabling (informational, not sales!). The Girl and Boy Scouts, HealthPlus, and OBT are already showing up.

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