Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NY1: Swine Flu Affects Sunset - Mildly

I suppose it's natural for a largely Mexican community to be extra concerned with something that seems to be radiating from Mexico. So far, however, it doesn't seem to be affecting too many businesses or too much activity on 4th and 5th Avenue. According to the NY1 story, Mexican airlines are giving people the opportunity to reschedule flights without penalties. Hopefully this flu will prove to be less serious than anticipated wherever it strikes. Considering the massive allergy attacks I've seen and experienced, combined with the heat of recent days, I'm surprised more people haven't run to doctors or emergency rooms to get checked for the porcine virus. Here's what NY1 has to say.

And if you're feeling the need for some adolescent humor (isn't any humor that uses bodily fluids considered fairly adolescent?) regarding swine flu, check out Beehive Hairdresser's take on how it's contracted. It gave me a chuckle.

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KING TUT said...

I think everyone is being a little bit to lax about the threat of an outbreak in Sunset Park. Products and people are coming in everyday straight from Mexico City to Sunset Park. If we don't stop it, this neighborhood will be the center of sickness in NYC.

Please help raise awareness!

Concerned Citezen
Brian C.