Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Play About Generational Tensions and Coops in Sunset Park

Looking for a good read? Or just looking for a read about Sunset Park? Here's a suggestion:

Sunset Park(Paperback)
by Sims, Marley , Shoenman, Elliot
Sunset Park

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Dramatic Comedy / 3m, 4f Sunset Park is a contemporary comedy/drama that takes place in Brooklyn, New York. The main character is Evelyn Horowitz, a widow in her seventies who lives by herself and is a part-time teacher. Her apartment building is going co-op, but she can't afford to buy in and cannot, by law, be asked to leave. When, her middle-aged children, Carol and Roger, hear about it, they realize that there's money to be made in the long run: a long-term tenant has to be offered the apartment at a below market-value price and, eventually, the place can be "flipped" for a sizable profit. And that's when the problems start - when money enters the picture, conflicts arise and old secrets come out.

Product Details
Publisher : Samuel French Trade
Published : 03/01/2009
Format : Paperback , pages 72
ISBN-10 : 0573696039
ISBN-13 : 9780573696039

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