Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stop Work Order Served to Bigger, Uglier Building

And so it goes. This SWO was duct-taped to the fence due to a lack of approved plans for hoisting materials with pulleys (they should have seen the crane there two days ago), not having guardrails/handrails, and not providing protection to the adjacent roof.


Anonymous said...

Pictures worth a thousand words. Congrats on facilitating enforcement. Also note a developing blog "Sunset Park Matters" ( that promises to create a depository for before&after pics of the changes, on a block by block basis. It's also promising a parallel database of permits, violations, SWOs, etc. Maybe your readers can send them their photos and info to finally document the damage that continues to be perpetrated vs Sunset Park, in its entirety.

Aaron-CB7 said...

We'll be adding this to our Buildings & Construction Committee meeting 5/11 at 6:30 at CB7