Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Links: Opinionated Food Blogs in a Sunset Park State of Mind

These two links will save you a lot of trial and error. If you enjoy trial and error, let us know about what you found was excellent, mediocre, or truly awful.

The Search for a Good Noodle Soup - Fine Furious Life

The Search for a Good Taco - Writing with My Mouth Full

The Meat Market and What to do With What They've Got - Fein Dining

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Andrea Janes said...

Sunset Park Diner and Donuts managed to mess up a coffee and bagel this morning. Disappointing, even by their low, low standards. To wit: bagel not toasted, dry, with little flavor (not quite the "everything" the name implied); cream cheese -- with a decidedly fishy aroma -- glommed on a cold brick in the middle of the bagel; coffee nothing more than hot water with zero coffee flavor or texture. Price: $3.15. I'd have been better off at Dunkin, or any coffee cart in the city. Next time I'll try the newly-reopened Mark's Coffee Shop. Grade: F-.