Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Are You Fuming About Street Cleaning Regs?

I'm a little behind on the Sunset Park headlines right now, but here's something from The Daily News from last Wednesday. The article states that drivers in our fair corner of Brooklyn are "furious the city has refused to slash their street cleaning regulations - even though two other Brooklyn neighborhoods have won reduced service, which makes it easier to find parking." This frequency makes it difficult to find longer-term parking for residents who own cars. It's true that many streets have street cleaning four times a week. My block does, but the next block up only has twice a week.

So is anyone truly fuming about this? Is it really that difficult to find parking? My block becomes difficult to park on when the aforementioned "next block up" has its street-cleaning. What about other blocks around the neighborhood?

Does the street cleaning make a big difference (particularly for the blocks hugging 5th Avenue) in street cleanliness? Should the City cut street cleaning to save some money? Or would that bring out fuming residents about the dirty street conditions? How many more questions can I put into this post?

I time my errands so that I'll return soon after street-cleaning ends. It means I'll get a spot just about in front of my apartment. But maybe other blocks have a much tougher time with parking spot searches. Do tell.


Anonymous said...

If everyone do their part and put trash in litter cans then we won't have to clean the streets as much. Nonetheless those who litter, pollute, vandalize, you name it, create () jobs in the city.

Unknown said...

For those of us with daily early morning work commutes to the city and who get home after 5pm, it can be a real pain to have to move your car up to four times a week. I see no real difference in the areas of SP that have only 2-day-a-week cleaning. If the city added more garbage cans on corners and reduced street cleaning to two days a week, money would be saved AND it would be less of a headache for car-owning residents.

Emily said...

Up in the 30s, parking was really easy because of the cemetery. So that all went to pot when they made 5th Ave one way and started the construction. Now it's a huge pain and I don't know how people who aren't home during the day do it. Yes I do, they do what I used to do when I was working—-park four or more blocks away. But at least it's not as bad as Bay Ridge. I don't think we're "clean" enough to go down to two days a week, though.