Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bibliobus Arrives in Sunset Park

Wednesday will be the first visit of the season for The Brooklyn Public Library's Bibliobus. Spanish language books and materials will be available for check-out and perusal. It will be in Sunset Park, at the 6th Avenue and 44th Street entrance, every Wednesday - starting tomorrow at 1:30 PM! See the Friends of Sunset Park website for more information.

This seems like the perfect time to remind everyone that the Brooklyn Public Library really needs some extra help right now. The fund-raising period has been extended through the end of June. Considering how many of us depend on the programs, books, services, classes, and activities offered by the Brooklyn Public Library, can't we spare a few bucks to help out?

from the BPL website:

Support our Shelves Campaign – Extended until June 30th!

There is still time to donate to your local library and support your community. The Support our Shelves campaign will help Brooklyn Public Library continue providing books, programs and services to all of our communities.

When you contribute, you decide which library to support, and how much to give. So please be shelf-ish!

Every donation, from one dollar to a thousand dollars, counts! Since March, individuals, local businesses, corporations and foundations have donated more than $280,202 towards our $300,000 goal! Each donation helps Brooklyn Public Library reach its goal of $300,000 to purchase books, DVDs and support educational and cultural program currently at-risk from large City and State budget cuts. Make a contribution today and show that Brooklyn Public Library is a community priority!

When you donate $50 or more, we will send you a bookplate that you can affix to a book of your choosing by seeing the librarian in your local branch.

Donate online, or call 718.230.2738.

Because all the reasons you use your library are all the reasons to give.

If you have any questions please call 718.230.2738 or email supportourshelves@brooklynpubliclibrary.org.

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