Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Making Funny has Begun at Under Minerva

Unfortunately, I was out of town for the opening reception of Making Funny at Under Minerva. There was free champagne from Eurotrip, and you know I like some free champagne. However, the show will be around through the holiday. Independence Day, that is.

MAY 27 – JULY 5, 2009

Featuring Aaron Bowles, Daniel Genova, Russ LaChanse, Mark McLeod, Russell Mehlman, Miho Murashima, Tony Murray, John O’Donnell, Vincent Romano, Andrew Small, Daniel van Benthuysen and YaChin Bonny You

Under Minerva is pleased to present Making Funny, a group show examining the use of humor in contemporary art. The exhibition brings together various media and methods of utilizing the funny side of life as a vehicle for artistic expression. Historically, humor was often a solecistic tool for the artist; but in our Modern and particularly post-Dada world, humor has become a legitimate means to an artful end. Humor is employed by the show’s artists to take aim at everything from sexual identity, to consumerism, to the art world itself. The show runs the gamut from overt to subtle. Making Funny hopes to bring a little levity to everyone’s life, at a time when we could all use it.

Making Funny is the brainchild of guest curator, John Olsen, whose day job as a corporate art curator has him responsible for the art collection of a major financial firm on Wall Street. This exhibition gives him the unique opportunity to play against that role while offering a wonderful assemblage of work to the community.

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