Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not Really New Restaurant has Not Really Vegetarian Options

In a review with a title that begins "Vegetarian Delights of NYC" - you'd think there would actually be vegetarian delights. In fact, it should have read "Vegetable Delights in Chicken or Seafood Broth of NYC." But whatever. When vegetarians go to any restaurant on 5th or 8th (or somewhere in between), they know that any vegetable dish is fair game for animal bits and broth. Places this has happened to me: Nyonya, Mai Thai, Matamoros, several bakeries, and Flor de Piaxtla.

Robert Sietsema has made several visits to Sunset Park's Delights, and he has featured them in The Voice. This latest review is for East Harbor Seafood Palace (you can get the menu from that link) on 65th and 7th Avenue.

Despite the title, Sietsema gives fair warning to vegetarians who were drawn to the review:

At newcomer East Harbor, some of the more interesting dishes fall in the Vegetable category, though beware strict vegetarians that some recipes may deploy a light chicken or seafood broth.

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