Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Own Puzzlemaster and His Blog

Sunset Park has a lot of talented folks floating around (see sidebar), and now we can add Puzzlemaster to the list. Move over, Will Shortz, here comes another puzzler.

The relatively new Puzzling New York blog has puzzles and wordplay of all kinds. I suggest starting out by reading the first puzzle post to read the greetings and explanation, and to try the first trivia puzzle. I've posted some of that first post below.

The most important thing that I want to accomplish with this blog is that you, the puzzlers, enjoy the puzzles. Crazy, right? Well, while I am quite proud of the puzzles I have ready and raring to go, this is not about me trying to show you guys how clever I am. It is about creating enjoyable challenges, so feedback is more than greatly appreciated. I may like a certain type of word puzzle that everyone who finds this blog loathes, and I would want to know that and adjust my approach accordingly. One word of warning, however (cue ominous music)… I will try to post challenging puzzles. I like to stretch my brain around difficult wordplay. I do not like the term “dumbed down”, but I am trying to appeal to real puzzleheads here, so there will be some intricate wordplay involved.

The answers to the puzzles are in later posts, so if you get up-to-date with the puzzles, you'll actually have to wait for your validation. Check it out and see how well you do without using Google or Bing or Yahoo or whatever search engine you prefer.

You can meet Sunset's puzzlemaster on Thursday; he will be a "featured" guest at Rocky Sullivan's Pub Quiz in Red Hook.

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