Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pio Pio Riko is on 4th

We've lost plenty of places to rent hikes and belt-tightening, but some hardy souls are actually opening up restaurants around Sunset Park. Here's the newest one that I've noticed. Okay, so maybe it's not a restaurant, but it sure gets rave reviews for its chicken. (disclaimer: I haven't eaten chicken in close to 25 years.) There is a Pio Pio Riko in the Greenpoint area (sorry if I got that wrong, I've always been a South Brooklyn kind of gal), but this seems to be the first one over this way.

It's on 4th Avenue and 58th, so that's convenient for the express train. Let's hope it does well. The more storefronts we have filled, the better.

Here are a couple of other new-ish places that have opened in Sunset:

Three and a Half Ginger
Las Cazuelas
Mei Wei Shabu Shabu
Casa Vieja

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Ajlouny said...

One thing that will never go away, even in our tight economy is the need to eat.