Monday, June 15, 2009

What You See in Sunset Park: We Are Here

Dewey Community Mural, originally uploaded by buendiaproductions.

June 18th will be the school-wide spring art show at Charles O. Dewey (MS 136). Click on the photo supplied by Buendia Productions for specifics.

from Buendia Productions:

This Thursday, June 18, MS 136 will be unveiling its Community Mural "WE ARE HERE." This mural was created by students under the direction of Ellie Balk , and in collaboration with Buendia Productions: Mario Barrera (Buendia Art Director) and Daniel Aguilar (Buendia Director, MS136 Journalism Teacher). There will a reception featuring students writing on community, which will be followed by MS 136 Spring Art Show.

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