Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wicked Cool Link (and activity suggestion) of the Day

The Brooklyn Before Now posting on Thursday includes a photo of Sunset Park residents (I think it's on 5th Avenue and 44th) marching against crack. It's a photo that demonstrates just a touch of what many Sunset Park residents went through to better a community they loved. That's the part of the wonderful posting that relates directly to our fair neighborhood.

The gist of the entry provides information about an exhibit going on right now at the Grand Army Plaza location of the Brooklyn Public Library. Considering that we are living through the seeming disintegration of print media, visiting this exhibit might help us to remember why newspapers were (are?) so much more whole than on-line news sources. Without digital cameras or the ability to change/delete/revise even after publishing, a certain ownership of what it presented to the public reigns. Now there seems to be a lust to just rush to be first, and forget about being the best. Even the requirement of old that a reporter stay neutral has evaporated. I suppose scandals in reporting by folks like Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair didn't help. But I digress.

Check out the collection of photographs and other reminders of the reporting and photo-journalism that came out of The Prospect Press.

from the posting:

“Images From the Prospect Press” will be on display at the Brooklyn Collection of the Central Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, Grand Army Plaza, through August 29, 2009. It is free and open to the public. Check for the Brooklyn Collection’s hours.

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