Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Free Breakfast and Lunch for the Kids

Happily for those of us feeling the squeeze on our wallets, or for families who are out and about without a packed lunch, any child under 18 is entitled to a free breakfast and lunch during the summer months. The breakfast hours are from 8 AM to 9:15 AM, and the lunch hours are from 11 AM to 1:15 PM.

You can look up locations based on zip code at the official site, but here are the locations for our area:

MS 136 - 4004 4th Avenue
PS 169 - 4305 7th Avenue
The Sunset Park Pool serves breakfast and lunch.
PS172 - 825 4th Avenue
PS 24 - 427 38th Street
JHS 220 - 4812 9th Avenue
PS 1 - 309 47th Street
PS 314 - 330 59th Street

The link above even has PDFs of the menus. And not to worry, there are vegetarian options available daily (PB&J and Cheese Sandwiches) for those of us who avoid hamburgers and chicken filets. The breakfasts also always offer cold cereals and fruit along with milk.