Saturday, July 11, 2009

Knitting Question

I don't knit. My mom tried to teach me once, but it didn't work out. She's a righty, I'm a lefty. I didn't really want to learn...

But there are quite a lot of people in Sunset Park who do knit. I've seen it in the park and on the train. All different ages and backgrounds and clothing preferences like to knit.

One reader wondered this:

I would be curious if anyone knew of a place in Sunset Park where you can buy yarn and knitting/crochet supplies.

Since I had no idea, I asked someone who knows a lot about yarn and crafting things from it. You can check out her etsy store - called Sloanester - here.

Here is what she told me:

I haven't really found any suppliers in S.P. Some cheap acrylic yarn in Party City but that's about it. There is a place in Park Slope that has supplies but I usually go to Brooklyn General in Brooklyn Heights or the Yarn Tree in Williamsburg because they have the largest supplies. Also, Lion Brand Studio on 15th St., Purl in Soho and Downtown Knits on Ave. A in Manhattan.

Well, if you're looking for something other than cheap acrylic yarn from Party City, there's not much else in the neighborhood. Or is there? Anyone know of places in Sunset, Borough Park, Bay Ridge, or even Dyker Heights? If so, share!


mer said...

I love a place called Knit-a-way, on Atlantic Avenue and Bond Street (Boerum Hill). They have a good selection of quality yarns (and some cheap acrylics too). And they have books, needles, hooks and other supplies.

In Manhattan, I love Knitty City! It's on 79th St. (Between Broadway & Amsterdam)

Lauren said...

Juanita's Bridal Shop (which is all favors and ribbons and such) has a bit of yarn (yes, mostly cheap acrylic stuff) and needles and other things. It's on 4th Ave between 58th and 59th.