Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Need a Laugh?

Under Minerva's exhibition of comedy inspired art is coming to an end on July 5th. Whether or not you checked out the show (and there's still time!), if you need some laughs, come to Under Minerva tomorrow night at 7 PM for art and comedy. Beer and wine will also accompany you, if you like. The comics are local, the location is convenient, and it's free (I think). What's not to like? Check out the website for more information. If you want delicious treats, visit Laurentino's going or coming.

Under Minerva is at 656 5th Ave (between 19th and 20th).

Making Funny Artist Talk and Comedy Show

Thursday, July 2nd, beginning at 7PM at Under Minerva

This lighthearted event is taking place during the closing week of the current exhibit, Making Funny, a show examining the use of humor in contemporary art. We will begin with an open discussion forum featuring the exhibition artists and guest curator. Humor, of course, will be the primary subject, however all issues and questions will be entertained. Following the artist talk will be several short stand-up and improv acts, performed by local comedians. A variety of original comedy will be on display to elicit a bunch of laughs. Beer and wine.

Comedians: Jon Wunder, Georgie Porgie, Kendra Cunningham, North Coast

Artists: Daniel Genova, Russell Mehlman, Miho Murashima, Tony Murray, Vincent Romano, Daniel van Benthuysen and curator John Olsen

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