Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Pizza Place for 5th Avenue

** Update to the price confusion in the comments. $1 slices are a reality!

I was just over on 5th and 60th, but I guess I looked right when I should have looked left. You'd think, with all the restaurants opening up, that the economy was doing better than it feels like it's doing. Let's give the new Sliceria Pizzeria a look-see, shall we?

From the photos in the Serious Eats article and the website, this place looks like it should be on 8th Avenue next to Tbaar or Quickly bubble tea chains. But it's not. In fact, according to the website, it's a family-run pizza place that is bring back "the classic slice" the way it should be: "Simple, Fast, Fun & Delicious." You can order on-line (that's the simple and fast part, perhaps?), and they deliver. In the article from Serious Eats, the prices differ from the menu on-line. Maybe the promised $1 slices and $8 pies were promotional for the grand opening. (They are $2/2.25 and $12 on the menu.) Still, the baked ziti is very reasonable, and they have round and square slices. Maybe this will do away with the need to trek out to L&B for a true square.

They have something they have that I've never seen in a pizzeria before: the dessert pizza. Nutella and powdered sugar on a 12 inch pie? Anyone (or two) out there want to split one of those?


Anonymous said...

Hello Brooklynites:

The $1 SLice at Sliceria (Sunset Park-5th Ave between 60th & 61st) is here to stay...At leats until the foreseeable future....Our website is being re-designed and we thank you for trying our pizza and commenting. Glad to hear/see the community involvement... We are also offering $8.00 pies for pickup and $10.oo pies for delivery..Next time your around stop by and say hello...

Marcello from Sliceria

Anonymous said...

I stopped by with my friends to get a pie and check it out.

The crust was thin -- if you're into that, okay, but I'm impartial. But I am partial toward good ingredients, and the cheese and sauce were basically tasteless.

Maybe it's like the difference between going to a pizza place by a school at 3 PM versus going at 7 PM, and the "regular" pizza will be better than the grand opening pizza being made in a flurry. But unless I hear something great about this place, I'll probably just stick to Johnny's two blocks over.

Anonymous said...

I just tried this place for the second time...Sliceria is a perfect compliment to Park Slope. We needed a place like this with dollar slices 8 buck pies. You cannot go wrong. The best part...they use really good ingredients. Tasty and excellent service. The owners are working with smiles and know how to please their customers. Park Slope...this is our new hot spot - SLICERIA!

Kendra said...

This place is jumping...stopped in at 9PM on Saturday and it looked like Noon. I think this is the new L and B of Sunset Park!