Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Small but Tasty Flea Market

If you've traveled on 4th Avenue on any recent weekend, you've probably seen the signs for a flea market in the median or at the Al Noor School on 20th Street and 4th Avenue. I've never gone, mainly because my experience at flea markets has proved to feature overly expensive items that I want but can't afford or sad-looking items that I can afford but really don't want. However, perhaps this flea market can offer something more.

According to the Fork in the Road feature in The Village Voice, there are a couple of food vendors that are worth a visit. Check out the article for more info, but I have to say that the hot sauce and chick-pea stall sounds promising. Stop by Eagle Provisions for a beer and Laurentino's for a chocolate covered strawberry or pignoli to complete a pretty decent snack-time.

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