Monday, July 20, 2009

Tiki Bar Closure?

A commenter asks:

Any idea what's happening with the Brooklyn Tiki Bar on 4th between 33rd and 34th? It's been closed for three days now with no explanation.

So, does anyone have information for this Tiki Bar goer? Are they closed for a vacation? Renovation? Citation? Some other -ation?

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Anonymous said...

I can answer that for you... well it was closed because it was one of biggest drug bust in the neighborhood that night, along with a few local bars on the NYPD radar. Where everyone including the bartenders were taken in as well as the owner for the weekend( YIKES!!!)
The owner who's license was suspended was granted a temp liquor license(SMH tsk...tsk..tsk). Despite their many attempts to change course; it's quaint "bohemian atmosphere" still manages to fill up with just less than tasteful people i.e. thugs and less than pleasing shameless women (I like to call them all "The Undesirables") and inappropriate behavior all around (coupling in the bathrooms?!?!!? WOW). If your looking for a good night of groping, being eye balled, harassed by less than intellectual people and a good old fashion bar fight well this is your place!!