Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another Horrific and Sad Accident: 51st and 7th

I just walked by the ghost bike on 7th, just a few blocks from where this scooter/car accident occurred. Here's the link to the NY Daily News story. The cause of the accident is still being looked into. Based on the location of the vehicles in the photos, one can (attempt to) draw some conclusions as to the cause. It was a delivery moped and an FDNY command car.

I won't be accepting any comments that are disrespectful to the delivery man who is now fighting for his life in the ICU at Lutheran.


green light said...

There's an update here: The FDNY says its vehicle was driving lights and sirens on, responding to a call of a stabbing, and the driver will not be charged. Doesn't explain why the car would be on the wrong side of the street.

Very sad.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Thanks for the link. The article also says that the stabbing turned out to be a false report. Whether by the caller or the responder, we don't know.