Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bensonhurst Wants to Dump on Sunset Park

Obviously, the United States has a waste problem. We need to learn to deal with the remnants of our lifestyles (and our lifestyles) in a manner that will make future generations look back with something less than disgust at our habits. However, that doesn't mean that Sunset Park needs to do the bulk of the management of waste for Brooklyn, or the City, even.

CB 7 sent out an email with the link to an article (see yournabe link below) about a proposed waste transfer station. Randy Peers, the chair for CB 7, added this comment to accompany the link:

"Dear friends and fellow board members, please read the very disappointing article about assemblyman Colton's suggestion that another waste transfer station be put in Sunset Park instead of Bensonhurst. Rest assured we will not allow our community to be dumped on again. We are in the process of drafting a letter in response. I will keep you posted on any further developments."

According to a article from last Wednesday, Bensonhurst's Colton is trying to get a proposed waste transfer station moved from Bensonhurst to Sunset Park. While his reasons sound pretty solid (parts of Gravesend Bay would have to be dredged), Sunset Park is doing more than its share, as Randy Peers of CB 7 points out:

“Tell Mr. Colton that we already have the Hamilton Avenue waste transfer station; a private waste management facility; two sanitation garages; and a private recycling facility. Mr. Colton needs to learn the definition of ‘fair share,’” said Peers.

Also, the proposed site, 1st Avenue and 58th Street, is just blocks from Lutheran Medical Center and PS 314, as well as the in-construction PS 971 on 4th Avenue - an early childhood center. Seem like good reasons to write in to Felix Ortiz, Sara Gonzalez, and CB 7. Also, don't forget that we have a CB 7 meeting coming up in early October!

Hopefully Bay Ridge will also have something to say about this; its northern residents already have some residual issues due to waste management.

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Eric said...

I wish they would just realize that reopening the Fresh Kills Landfill is the best thing for NYC as a whole.