Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Friends of Sunset Park Responds with Ideas to Better the Park - and You are Needed

There's a new post on the Friends of Sunset Park website. It is a response to the murders of two men a week ago, and it is a call to action from the residents of Sunset Park. It includes asking for active participation in community meetings, and it mentions being active in responding (via 311/911) to dangerous or disturbing situations in the park.

Here's an excerpt:

And, what, you ask, can WE do? YOU & I, the hard-working, peace-loving and responsible majority of Sunset Parkers:
  • will attend as many 72nd Precinct Council Monthly meetings as possible- always held on the second (2nd) Tuesday of the month.
  • will frequent their park in greater and greater numbers at whatever hour they wish;
  • will report (call/email) to 311 (with copy to the Friends of Sunset Park- , please) when garbage accumulates, vandalism occurs, graffiti appears, lampposts are broken, bathrooms are broken and/or dirty, tree limbs are cracked and about to fall on some one's head, benches are broken or paint is peeling;
  • will call 911 (with copy to the Friends of Sunset Park- , please) when you witness patrons gambling, using/selling controlled substances, urinating and defecating in public;
  • will take our garbage with us and place it in a garbage can. If you see someone leaving an area and not taking their garbage with them, point politely (and with a smile) to the garbage and to the nearest garbage can. If you think additional garbage cans are needed, call 311 and request them- please call/email FoSP to let us know that you've contacted 311;


Anonymous said...

another suggestion, is for each of us to advocate for a substantial increase in youth funding in sunset park. creation of a real youth center, a job training program and an employment services program. instead of treating the result of the problem, we should treat the cause....tony

M. Roca said...

Thank you for your observation. Over the years, Friends of Sunset Park (FoSP) has approached a number of the Sunset Park Non-profits & schools to expand and customize their existing outreach and services to include various "outside the box" and proven" models of the very programs you have mentioned. We will never give up on this pursuit and invite you to work with us. Would you call us/email us to talk further? 718.437.1413 / We look forward to hearing from you.