Thursday, September 17, 2009

Giant Rat at the new Sunset Park High School

This is old news, but the topic is still fresh. Thanks to Emily for providing the following text from the flyer handed out last week:

The members of Operating Engineers Union, Local 94 have served and protected the students and faculty of every large New York City school building for more than 60 years.

Qualified and licensed Local 94 engineers operate and maintain the mechanical systems in every large school in the NYC Dept of Ed system except this school, Sunset Park H.S.

The Sunset Park HS Maintenance Contractor, Temco Service Industries and the NYC Dept of Ed have decided to jeopardize the health and safety of the students, facutly and support staff by hiring unqualified workers to maintain the school's mechanical systems— all in order to circumvent paying prevailing wage rates to qualified Local 94 engineers as mandated by the NYC Comptroller's Office.

Mayor Bloomberg talks about school safety and sustainability, but refuses to mandate that Temco and the Dept of Ed hire qualified and licenses Local 94 engineers to operate and maintain SP HS's mechanical systems safely and efficiently.

The first employee hired by Temco and the Dept of Ed was demoted and reassigned after less than a week on the job. You can only imagine what is to come. Please contact your City Council member in this district and the Mayor's office to express your concerns.

Mayor Bloomberg: 311 or fax (212) 312-0700 or

Sara Gonzalez: (718) 439-9012 or 311

Temco CEO Henrik Thomassian: or (212) 889-6353

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