Monday, September 14, 2009

Run-Down of the 72nd Precinct Community Council Meeting

About 25 residents were in attendance at the Community Council Meeting. Nothing new was reporting regarding the two murders in Sunset Park. For those who haven't heard, a teenaged member of gang shot and killed two men in another gang. It was not a random act, but probably spurred on from an earlier event. It's a sad situation all around. There were two memorials near the flagpole*; we witnessed one visibly upset group, seemed like family, lay down fresh flowers at one of the memorials. Basically, three lives are over. All of them - despite gang affiliations and violent choices - are someone's sons and brothers.

* There was also another memorial set up near the playground sometime on Saturday. It overlooked the view of downtown Manhattan. It was probably a memorial for someone who died on 9/11. It, along with the other two memorials, was vandalized and destroyed by Monday morning.

Anyone who has been to the park lately must have noticed the heightened police presence. I've even seen foot patrols, which frankly, I haven't noticed in all the time I've used the park.

Members of the Friends of Sunset Park attended the Community Council Meeting, and I am indebted to their email for the listed information below:

Other issues raised at the Community Council meeting were:
  • Increased sidewalk drug sales activity on various blocks throughout the 72nd Precinct
  • Return of after-hours alcohol sales and noisy patrons at Los Potrillos - 39th/4th Ave
  • Noisy & littering patrons at Rose Quartz Bar - 39th/3rd.
  • Request for Deputy Inspector Pintos to personally mediate resurging disputes between Chinese van operators; apparently a long-standing issue.
  • Commendation + photo op with owner and wife of Chinese Restaurant on 6th ave/61st St. for their generous food contributions to the recent Police Appreciation Day celebration.

The next Community Council meeting will be the 2nd Tuesday in October. Same time (7:30 PM), same place (45th and 4th). Please consider becoming a regular!

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