Friday, September 18, 2009

Sunset Park Clean-Up on Sunday

On Sunday, with a focus on litter - not leaves - a group of volunteers who believe in a rubbish-free park will descend on Sunset Park to pick-up, rake, and help make the park that much cleaner for Sunday afternoon park-goers.

If you want to help out, even for part of the time, visit the Let's Clean Sunset Park! website to reply and to see more details. They will provide tools for those who commit to being there. If you are commitment-phobic, feel free to show up in front of the Rec Center at 9:30 AM on Sunday. I'm sure there will be something to do for everyone who is willing.


Anonymous said...

who is going to clean up the drunk mexicans?

Decade said...

Yeah, and who is going to clean up the obnoxious anonymous commenters who take any chance they can to reveal their unclever and unoriginal views?

Carol Singh Alvarado said...

Leah and Aaron saw your post on SP clean up and showed up today to help out! I didn't get leah's email address, but wanted to thank her and Aaron for coming out today!!! I didn't get to sat good bye to Leah but really appreciate her being there and helping out so much.
Thanks for the post!