Friday, September 25, 2009

What You See in Sunset Park: Panorama

Thought this was a nice juxtaposition to all the technical rezoning commentary. This is what the simpletons like me worry about when thinking about the future of the park (with or without the rezoning, frankly).

Thank you to See-ming Lee on flickr for uploading this to the BViB photo pool. Click on the photo for more information.


Friends of Sunset Park said...

Thank you to See-ming Lee & BViB for bringing this moment of beauty to all. The beginning and the end of the video illustrate, like words could never do, what is at stake should the proposed re-zoning be approved as-is. Focus on the existing buildings and visualize (in your mind's eye, what they'd look like with the additional the 3-5 stories that the proposed re-zoning plan wold permit. There goes most of our view!

By the way, there's still time for changes to be made to the proposal, if City Planning, the City Council and Mayor Bloomberg wanted to. Keep emailing, faxing and calling Sara Gonzalez, Christine Quinn and the rest of the City Council, as well as Mayor Bloomberg.Speak now or forever live with the doubt that maybe, just maybe, you could have done something to protect the view.

Paul Pelkonen said...

wow now I dont have to leave the house anymore! Seriously, thanks for posting this, it's gorgeous.

tom murphy said...

That's a full 360! Where's the church? You got the views from NNW to due West, but not WNW(43rd Street, Church, American Can, Bush Terminal, Dewey). Compare it to BVIB logo. Notice what's missing?
You're buried in the memorial saplings. You could move up the hill or over to 43rd Street for clearer vista.

SML said...

Hey there, thanks for the free PR!


MaryPena said...

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