Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bay Ridge's Robicelli's Market to Close in Favor of Wholesale

With lots of deliciously favorable media coverage (and a Bloomberg campaign commercial!) and a fiercely loyal following for catering and cupcake yumminess, Robicelli's Market will now close. It's a good thing, really, at least for Allison and Matt, the magicians behind cupcakes like the Bea Arthur and The Kiwanis.

In an announcement to the Bay Ridge Parents Group, through Facebook, and with a link on Twitter, the Robicelli's duo announced that they will be closing their retail shop on October 25th (yikes! get over there now!) in favor of growing their wholesale cupcake and dessert business.

This is what success becomes in these days of the internet ordering and massive media exposure. It really is wonderful for the owners, but it's also sad to see a place that has so quickly become a fixture in a neighborhood.

According to their explanations, this will allow them to maintain the quality of their baked goods while maintaining the quality of life they want for their two children (and themselves!). They have several retail opportunities (for their cupcakes and pastries) around Brooklyn, but as of now they are still seeking a retailer in Bay Ridge. Naturally, if anyone thinks a place in Sunset Park would want to carry their cupcakes and cheesecakes and carrot cake, let them know! Perhaps one of the new-ish delis on 4th Avenue? Or one of the coffee shops in Greenwood Heights?

I wish them great luck and great joy in their plans. They have been excellent members of the business community as well as the Bay Ridge neighborhood.

excerpted from their Facebook page:

We have made the difficult decision to close our retail business on Sunday, October 25th, and continue solely as a cupcake and dessert wholesaling business serving the New York City area, with a webshop for national customers. We will miss all of you who have come in every week, who have become not just customers, but part of our family. This has been one of the best years of our lives, because you were in it. As hard as it is to let go, we feel that moving in this direction is not only what is best for our business, but also for our family.

Some of the internet coverage that caused this bittersweet change:

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