Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brooklyn Homebrew: Something to Check Out While Waiting for Your "New Favorite Place"

Update: For more detailed information about Brooklyn Homebrew, see Sunset Park Chronicled's article (which was first featured in Brooklyn Based!)
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Looking for a cold-weather hobby while you hibernate? Want to set up someone you know with a small-scale brewery for the holidays? Well, for the next couple of months you'll be able to buy hops, equipment, and complete kits for brewing beer or wine - right here in Sunset Park.

Brooklyn Homebrew has been on 56th Street, between 4th and 5th Avenues for about four months now. The owners, Benjamin and Danielle, have been quietly selling their brewing products from a subtle spot in Sunset Park; however, they hope to move to a Gowanus location in early 2010. They have on-line ordering set-up as well...but it's more fun to browse and buy.

Get over there and help them lighten their load prior to moving. They are open Tuesday through Sunday from Noon to 7 PM.

from their website:

Brooklyn Homebrew hopes to introduce and educate a new generation of people to brewing beer at home. We will establish an ongoing dialogue with our customers in an effort to better serve them. Most importantly, we will make the establishment as environmentally friendly as possible, acknowledging the importance of reducing our carbon footprint as well as reducing waste and water consumption.

Brooklyn Homebrew
456 56th Street, #2
Brooklyn, NY
718 309 4267


Dee dee said...

Thanks for finding us and writing about us!

Unknown said...

My family & I have been frequent customers and have been enjoying brewing our own beers and now working on our own wines - all thanks to the convenience & professional assistance of Benjamin & Danielle's Brooklyn Homebrew. We hope they don't move too far.