Saturday, October 17, 2009

Clean Up on Sunday (if weather allows)

At last week's clean-up, the majority of what I picked up consisted of cigarette butts, bottle caps, cough drop wrappers, and random pieces of paper. However, there were other more interesting (and disturbing) items available for the pickings. Those not saddled with two cherubs were able to scrounge around for empty and half-filled bottles of various styles and materials. Other items found include many, many tissues, half-eaten meals, opened metal cans, and a lot of unused chewing gum.

If you want a chance to participate in the clean-up/scavenger hunt this Sunday, show up at 9:30 for your rake and/or pick. If you have gloves, bring them. If not, there will be some available.

See the Let's Clean Up Sunset Park! website for more information.

A bonus to the clean-up is that people watchers like me can get an eye-ful. My favorite sightings on Sunday included:

1) My favorite jogger. She is incredibly fashionable as she jogs. Lots of color, huge sunglasses, and usually a smile for anyone who offers one first.

2) The "round-the-park-in-30-seconds" skateboarder. He zooms around the perimeter of the park over and over. I saw him pass at least five times while picking up dirt. He always looks like he's having so much fun.

3) A bicycle tour from Germany. As the first group went by I heard snippets of conversation, so when two stragglers went by I asked, "Seid Ihr aus Deutschland?" and we had a lovely conversation about where my parents are from and how they like their visit and what is amazing about living in Brooklyn versus Manhattan. The group spent quite a while admiring our view. Great day for a bike tour.

4) A lovely family cleaning up and weeding the Chinese Garden. I especially loved seeing them because they kept my son preoccupied with "weeding" while I went around and picked up more substantial trash with my daughter.

5) Police cars and carts going SLOWLY instead of racing by.

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