Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shoddy Street Cleaning: It's Happening in Carroll Gardens, too

The last time I happened to be walking up the block when the street cleaner came by, a neighbor and I noticed that not much was picked up. In fact, the leaves and paper and other random debris remained, despite being arranged into a fairly orderly line up the block. The neighbor (seemingly an expert on street cleaners) said that it was probably because the driver was going too fast for the sweepers to pick stuff up. Not knowing anything about street cleaners, I agreed. Has anyone else noticed quick and dirty sweep-bys going on?

It seems like speedy and ineffective street cleaning is going around. Pardon Me For Asking's Katia Kelly was almost run down by a street cleaner recently, and the street was left still dirty for the trouble.


Anonymous said...

Roads are not flat, filled with pot holes, bumps and depressions, therefore street cleaning machines can't do a perfect job.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

However, when a street cleaner HAS been doing a decent job for years and it suddenly becomes pretty awful, there's more to it than the imperfections of the road.

That is in addition to the point about the rushed driving.

Anonymous said...

My partner says they avoid the leaves on purpose because it fills the cleaner up too quickly. Once Fall comes the cleaners seems to drive around the leaves and if there is garbage in the middle of the leaves - oh well. I've seen this many times.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, they cleaned the street but pushed the garbage up to the sidewalk. I had to maneuver the stroller around a whole sidewalk block littered with garbage and cans toppled over. I was about to call 311 right there but too p.o'd to continue the topic!