Thursday, October 8, 2009

Upcoming Clean Up on Sunday

People like the young lady pictured above are why we need to counteract litter-bugs. Granted, she only dropped a coffee cup lid, but she did it in such a deliberate manner - and so close to a trash can. Today it's a coffee cup lid, next week it could be dumping a bag of household or construction garbage into the park at 3 AM.*

Luckily, Sunset Park has the perfect antidote to litterbugs masquerading as coffee drinking joggers: Every Sunday an active and enthusiastic group of residents cleans up litter around the park. Meet in front of the Rec Center at 9:30 AM this Sunday to join in. Check out their website for more details.

* Please note: this example of a "slippery slope" in littering is pure speculation and should not be taken as fact.


carol singh said...

we have got to stop litterbugs!
thanks for the note on sunday's clean ups. they will be over soon (getting colder) so we are trying to end with a bang ;)

carol singh said...

on a positive note:
a group of guys sitting near the 5th av 41st entrance threw their garbage over their sholders and onto the grass, but a young cop who was walking by, went over to them and gave them a hard time making them pick up their garbage and take it to the trash can!!
that was the first time i had ever seen that, so we are moving on the right track