Thursday, November 19, 2009

How's The Air Up There?

Walking in the park last night, I noticed these strange boxes hanging on a lamppost.  They add a lot to the sunset and torn banner, don't you think?  

 Upon closer inspection, my friend and I ruled out security cameras, sirens, and solar panels to help light the lamps.  All we had to do was check the bottom of the locked suitcases, of course.

Air pollution  monitors!  It says to call 311 with any questions.  When I exclaimed (in my eternal optimism), "Hey!  It's monitoring our air!  That's great!"  A passerby commented, "Yeah, but we can't find out the results."  Well, I say take this to 311 over and over:  5835.  That's the number on the boxes.  And according to the other markings, they will monitor the air until 12/2/09.

Call 311 for the results.  And if you are told the results aren't yet available, set up an alert for a week later and call again.


Anonymous said...

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