Friday, November 6, 2009

Recent Renovation or Construction? Check for Rotten Egg Smell.

Yahoo! News can be useful sometimes. When I first saw the "Signs You Have a Chinese Drywall Problem" prompt, I was ready to be all offended about calling "Chinese Drywall" problematic. However, once I read what it was about, I got that it was actually drywall from China. See what happens when we have knee-jerk, "Oh really?" hands-on-the-hips reactions? Or at least when I do.

I hadn't seen this article in the New York Times about higher levels of certain chemicals in Chinese drywall, but there is was on the Yahoo! site. Considering the high number of construction projects and renovation projects going on around Sunset Park, I figured it might be of interest to others.

from the article:

First, contact your home’s builder, who may be able to answer the question immediately. If that’s not an option or if your builder isn’t helpful, look for signs of the problem drywall, including a sulfuric (think rotten egg) smell in the home and corrosion (a blackening) of metal items like bathroom fixtures, electric socket copper wires, air-conditioner copper coils and copper pipes. (On its Web site, the Product Safety Commission has images of what such corrosion looks like as well as a Q&A on the subject within its broader drywall information center).

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Joshua Sophy said...

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