Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shop Brooklyn has Sunset Park Action

Marty Markowitz's Shop Brooklyn campaign includes some Sunset Park stores this holiday season.  Okay, so it's only three stores (so far), but that's three better than when I checked last week. 

Keep your cash local, or at least give the stores a chance to impress you.  Stop in, check them out, and buy if you like what you see.  The holiday lights are already on, and the holiday music (this year some songs will be sung by talented school children from around the area) will begin on Friday.


Anonymous said...

I love La Vida! They even let you walk in with a stroller.

Sunset Park Autonomous Zone said...

Does anyone know of any fish markets in Sunset Park? I live near 5th Ave and there is nothing in the 40s or 50s from what I can observe.