Friday, May 16, 2008

Unpaid (but not unappreciated) Political Positions Available.

What does Sunset Park need? Active residents! We have a lot of specific groups that root for specific causes. However, Brooklyn Optimist details an opportunity for both genders (apparently, each gender is represented equally) to get involved. The position is called a County Committeeperson for the Kings County Democratic Party. As Brooklyn Optimist explains it, the CC for the KCDP is the lowest level of elected office. Ground up, I say.

According to Brooklyn Optimist's blog, some activities will include: "deciding how the Kings County Democratic Party will operate: which candidates the party will endorse or nominate to serve as our public officials, which judges it will select to rule our courts, and many other issues" in and around your area of Brooklyn.

Check out the details here and here. The description of the "chosen" Brooklyn areas does not include Sunset Park, in fact, it only mentions Brooklyn Heights, Bushwick, Greenpoint, and Williamsburg. A narrow sliver, to be sure. Some think it's a futile effort, but getting people involved in their neighborhoods is rarely a bad idea.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the post. Our effort is to recruit and assist people to run for County Committee borough-wide. There is no chosen area. If you want to join email: