Monday, January 12, 2009

Light Industry: Canada on Tuesday; NYC and Mediterranean on Wednesday

Light Industry will have two presentations this week. Both shows are at 7:30 PM - that's a change! Also, it's now more pricey to check out the shows...$7 at the door. I guess they figure they've got people hooked. What hasn't changed is the location: 55 33rd Street, on the third floor. Check out their link above to read more about each show.

Tuesday evening will be Christina Battle's Canadian experience. As described by the artist:

“17 hours of darkness (reflections on this place I call home)” brings together a collection of works by contemporary Canadian artists exploring the dark and nagging anxieties associated with the Canadian landscape. An investigation of my own obsession with Canada’s natural climate, artists represented attempt to navigate the darkness that envelops our days for so many hours of the year. As we brace for another long winter I wonder how this obsession has shaped our collective memory and in turn impacts the Canadian experience...oh, and of course, there’s some hockey in there too.

Wednesday evening will feature Jem Cohen's informal presentation of stuff he has collected. The image above is from Jem Cohen. As described by the artist:

In my closets, cabinets, and storage rooms there are stacks of films. Some eventually become parts of finished projects, some were shown here and there in live music collaborations, some never make it beyond the apartment wall. An informal evening of mostly 16mm rarities and sketches; a few things never previously projected and at least one never previously seen, the journey more than the destination.

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